9 Year Old Captain Tobias Inspired By Hero To Raise Money

Captain Tobias 9, has been inspired by the hero we know as Captain Tom and sets out on 1km walk. Tobias's fundraising efforts have so far raised just over £6000. Tobias who suffers has cerebral palsy & needs help with most things, this includes walking. He is also autistic so for Tobias able to walk this far is such an amazing achievement. When he started fundraising he could only walk the length of 2 swimming pools now he can walk 750 meters daily. 

The money raised will go to two charities one of them is Sheffield's Children Hospital and the other charity is called Paces. Paces is a charity set up to help those affected by cerebral palsy. they have been supporting people from all walks of life since 1997. The current school building does not meet their full requirements so they are raising money for a new one. 

Credit: Tobias's Marathon Challenge 

Can you help Tobias? Link Below.
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