Disabled Boy, 6, Inspired By Captain Tom Raises Almost £100,000 For NHS

Credit: Just Giving

Frank Mills a 6-year-old boy who only started walking 18 months ago has so far raised a total of £100,000 after being inspired by Captain Toms Fundraising efforts. Frank has a condition called Spina Bifida where the spine does not form properly. Sometimes this can also lead to a build-up of fluid in the brain which drained by a shunt. 

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Frank who lives with his family in Bristol originally set out to raise just £99. He chose this amount because Tom is 99 years old. On his just giving page, he says how grateful he is to the NHS for what they have done for him and his family so he wanted to raise them some money for them. Walking 10 metres a day Frank is becoming a bit of a hero he is someone we all admire and look up too. 

You will find the link to Franks just giving page here.

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