Norfolk Artist, Ruddy Muddy, Pays Tribute to Captain Thomas Moore

A Norfolk artist has created a masterpiece to pay tribute to Captain Thomas Moore. Ricky Minns from Wymondham, Norfolk, created his masterpiece using a secret mud formula only he knows, (Sounds like something out of SuperTed). Then using his finger, cotton buds, brush and cloth he exposes the clean surface of the van to create his artwork. Ruddy Muddy as he is known started drawing on vans in 2007. The reason behind this was to cover up obscene words so his children would not see them. Ricky has since raised large amounts of money for charity. Sir Tom, as he is now known by his fans, inspired the world by raising more than 27 million for NHS charities. 

Credit: Ruddy Muddy Art

Credit: Ruddy Muddy Art
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