VE-Day 75th Anniversary Celebrations - How will You Celebrate?

On 8th May 1945, World War 2 finally came to an end with the enemy surrendering. An estimated 75 million people died as a result of the war. As a boy, I remember attending the 50th Anniversary in our local town park it was quite spectacular, good music food & beer tent for the adults. Towns across the country lit beacons to mark the occasion and we partied till the sun went down, well till it was probably my bedtime.

As most know VE day is fast approaching but this year celebrations will take a different turn. With millions of people on lockdown, most will be celebrating the 75th anniversary from there own front room or back garden but there is no reason we have to tone things down.  So as the decorations go up we have compiled a list of must-have decorations & ideas for the occasion! 

First of all flags, everyone loves a good old flag in the window large or small the union jack always turns heads!

Secondly balloons and party poppers, now if you have a dog or cat this is probably not your best choice. if you do think of buying these please make sure your animals are away from the noise as it could scare them. 

Party streamers are another classic, red white and blue all the way!  It's always important to keep the kids entertained so why not get the facepaint out its a brilliant way of getting the kids involved in the day. From cups to hats there is fun to be had on a small budget.


However, you choose to celebrate VE-Day the most important thing to remember is to stay safe!

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